Nexium Dosage, If you suddenly develop a change in your vision, before you do anything remember, blurry vision and diabetes go hand in hand. Keep in mind that one of diabetes symptoms, blurred vision, Nexium street price, is a common one. Nexium duration, Here is some first hand information. I was diagnosed with diabetes a little over three years ago. I had some of the normal symptoms like extreme thirst and urination, buy cheap Nexium, but I also was having a problem with my eyes. I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was so I went to see my doctor, Nexium Dosage. Nexium from mexico, Among the things he did right away, he told me to see my eye doctor, which I did immediately.

My eye doctor explained blurry vision and diabetes to me, buy generic Nexium. He told me there was no sense in his giving me an eye examination and giving me glasses on the basis of the results of the examination. Buy Nexium online cod, Why. Because in 5 weeks, assuming I did what I was supposed to do in order to reduce my blood sugar, low dose Nexium, my eyes would change again and go back to the way they were. Nexium Dosage, So he made an appointment for me in 5 weeks and I went home and started working on reducing my blood sugar. Nexium results, As sure as I’m typing this, 5 weeks later my eyes were back the way they were. Oh, Nexium schedule, and my blood sugar was back in the range were it should be.

Here’s the thing, Nexium treatment, in my case, I didn’t have high blood sugar blurred vision. What I had along with diabetes was a complete 180 degree turn around in my vision, where to buy Nexium. So, Purchase Nexium for sale, yes, to some degree I had blurry vision and diabetes, but that was because I was far sighted and since my eyes turned around 180 degrees, Nexium treatment, things far away were now blurry. The funny thing was, where I needed bifocals to see up close, all of a sudden I was able to read the finest of small print without any help from bifocals or anything else, Nexium Dosage. Nexium schedule, So rather than having totally blurred vision and diabetes, I had a major change in my vision and diabetes.

So like I said at the beginning, if you are noticing a change in your vision, online Nexium without a prescription, don’t run out and get a pair of glasses just yet. It could be a temporary change in your eyesight as a result of diabetic symptoms. What happens is, high blood sugar levels causes the lens of the eye to swell. Naturally, this changes your ability to see. Nexium Dosage, The correction is a fairly simple one. Get your blood sugar down in a normal range, somewhere between 80 and 140 before meals and somewhere between 100 and 160 before you have a bedtime snack. The time it takes to get your eyes back to what is normal for you varies.

Blurry vision can be something other than blurry vision and diabetes so the best thing to do if you are experiencing this, is to see your doctor right away as it could be a result of something else just as serious. The American Diabtes Association has some guidelines for eye care and diabetics. They say you should have a dilated eye exam if you are between 10 and 29 years old and have had diabetes for at least five years every year. Also, if you are 30 or older, you should have a annual dilated eye exam, no matter how long you've had diabetes.


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  1. kaiya on August 26th, 2010 10:12 pm

    i am just 10 ears old and my doctor told me that i may have Diabetes! so he told me to go on a diet . but , since i didn’t listen so my eye vision began to be a blur . i thought that i had parasites in my eyes but i came to the internet and found this article and now i know that i officially have diabetes !FINALLY … i will begin to control myself. i m going to the doctor with my mom to get to the bottom of this ! thank you for putting this article up and ,now i will learn how to hopefully concere diabetes

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