Before we can go on to a discussion about how does diabetes benefit from stem cell research Tricyclen For Sale, there is something that needs clarification. Exactly what are “in vitro fertilization (IVF) derived stem cells”. Human IVF derived stem cells have the very unique capacity to become any type of cell, purchase Tricyclen for sale, tissue or organ as they develop and mature. Tricyclen duration, In addition, although they have this capacity, by themselves they cannot develop into a full human being, Tricyclen without prescription. At this point, Tricyclen overnight, scientists don’t know the reason for this, but because they can form any cell type in the human body, these stem cells are holding out promise for several medical therapies among other things, Tricyclen pictures. Interestingly enough, they are able to replicate themselves while remaining in an immature or undifferentiated state, thus providing a potentially unlimited source of cells ready for organ transplantation as well as a model system for drug discovery along with the study of human development.

Ok, so how does diabetes benefit from stem cells research, Tricyclen For Sale. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) supports this research because of its’ potential. Cheap Tricyclen no rx, Although IVF derived stem cell research is at a very early stage, there is evidence that it offers great promise to pick up the pace dramatically with regard to a cure for diabetes. The JDRF encourages this line of research as long as it is within the framework of appropriate scientific and ethical safeguards, Tricyclen used for, which have been established by representatives of the public. After Tricyclen, The JDRF believes research should continue pursuing all avenues and using all types of stem cells since it is impossible to predict which will provide the most medical benefits.

To this point, one of the most promising diabetes benefits from stem cell research is to biologically restore the function of the islet cells. Tricyclen For Sale, At present, this can occur either through islet cell transplantation or through engineering of cells to restore the insulin secreting function. Either way, real brand Tricyclen online, the availability of stem cells would significantly expedite research progress. Tricyclen description, There are two reasons islet cell transplantation has been largely unsuccessful:

  • Insufficient islets available for transplantation

  • Recurrence of the autoimmune response that attacks the islets after transplantation

  • The problem is lack of islet cells. Potentially, this could be solved through additional stem cell research and this would be important in stem cell research benefits for diabetes, Tricyclen class. Scientists are hopeful that because the cells that are being studied are so early in their development stage, Tricyclen maximum dosage, one day they will be able to direct their development into any human tissue or organ. Should this materialize, scientists can specialize these cells to become insulin-producing islet cells, online buying Tricyclen. Further, Tricyclen samples, cell lines could be developed to produce an unlimited number of islet cells from just a single primordial stem cell. Thus the islet cell supply problem would be solved. Although there are other stem cell issues on the table at this point in time that relate to issues other than those mentioned here, Tricyclen no prescription, the question how does diabetes benefit from stem cell research has its’ root answer here.


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