Looking for the simple answer to why diabetics wear white soxs Colchicine Dosage, (socks). When you were a small child and wanted to go out and play and your mother or father didn’t want you to, they may have said something to you like, “because I said so”, is Colchicine addictive. Just keep that in mind.

Diabetics can acquire a condition called neuropathy. Keep in mind that the reason diabetics wear white soxs(socks) is not as a cure for this condition. Buy cheap Colchicine, This condition makes it hard for the nerves to carry messages to the brain as well as other parts of the body. It can cause numbness and/or painful tingling in parts of the body, Colchicine Dosage. It can also cause changes in:

  • Strength and feeling in different body parts

  • Ability of the heart to keep up with the body's needs

  • Ability to digest food

  • Ability to have an erection (in men)

  • The reason this condition develops is a result of high blood sugar levels. Over time, high blood sugar levels will damage the blood vessels and nerves, Colchicine images. Obviously, people who can’t or don’t control their blood sugar levels seem most likely to acquire the condition. Buy Colchicine online cod, Also, men seem to acquire the condition more often than women. Colchicine Dosage, In short, keep your blood sugar under control, take all medicines prescribed by your doctor, eat a healthy diet, avoid sugars, lose weight if overweight and exercise.

    Your going to find out why diabetics wear white soxs (socks), your just getting some background information first. Numbness in your feet and toes are signals of possible diabetic neuropathy. Or, my Colchicine experience, you may realize that cuts or sores on your feet are not healing as fast as they use to. These are signs that you may have the condition. Colchicine forum, Here are some more signs:

  • Pain or a burning feeling in your legs

  • A feeling of lightheadedness that causes you to fall

  • Diarrhea and constipation

  • Failure to get an erection (in men)

  • So know we know what diabetic neuropathy is and what the signals are, now here’s what can happen. Because you have no feeling, you can develop sores and not know it, Colchicine Dosage. They can become infected and you may have to be hospitalized and possibly have a foot amputated. This is a serious condition, Colchicine coupon. Because diabetes makes it harder for an injury to heal, it's important to take good care of your feet.

    So how do you prevent the problems associated with diabetic neuropathy. Colchicine without a prescription, Here is a list on how to keep your feet healthy:

  • See your doctor at least once a year or whenever you notice anything that seems wrong and have him/her check your feet

  • Check your feet every day. Colchicine Dosage, If you need a mirror to check the bottoms, use one. Make sure to call your doctor at the very first sign of redness, swelling, infection, order Colchicine no prescription, pain, numbness or tingling in any part of your foot

  • Check inside your shoes for anything that could hurt your feet

  • Wash your feet every day in lukewarm water. Online Colchicine without a prescription, Make sure to dry them well, especially between the toes, blot, do not rub, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Keep the skin of your feet smooth by applying a cream or lanolin lotion, especially on your heels. Colchicine no rx, If your feet sweat a lot, keep them dry by dusting them with non-medicated powder before putting on your socks and shoes

  • Avoid things that are bad for your feet. Don’t walk barefoot, Colchicine Dosage. Don’t wear stretch socks, nylon socks, purchase Colchicine online, socks with inside seams, or socks with an elastic band or garter at the top. Colchicine over the counter, Don’t put hot water, electric blankets, or heating pads on your feet. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide, buy Colchicine without prescription, iodine rubbing alcohol or witch hazel on your feet

  • Choose the right shoes. Shoes that don’t fit right are the most common cause of problems. Colchicine Dosage, Choose shoes made of soft leather and that don’t fit tightly anywhere. If you've had foot problems before because of shoes that didn’t fit right, you may want to get custom molded shoes with plenty of room for your toes

  • Break in new shoes slowly by wearing them for short periods of time, like 1 or 2 hours only until they are broken in. Check your feet for red spots. If you have red spots, wait until the red spots are gone before wearing the shoes again. Slowly wear them a little longer each day

  • AND FINALLY, “Wear white socks” !(soxs) When you take them off, check to see if there is any blood or fluid from a sore on them. Nobody wants to wear white socks every day, but it is preferred by doctors that people with diabetes wear them

  • Now, do you remember what was said at the beginning about going out to play and not being allowed. Well, in this case, the reason why diabetics wear white soxs(socks) is because: “the doctor said so”!


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